What is the AWARD Network

The AWARD Network aims to advance research on the health care workforce that serves people living with dementia, with support from the National Institute on Aging.

Our activities include:

  • hosting an annual meeting in conjunction with other national conferences
  • holding monthly virtual trainings, webinars, and workshops
  • organizing two Summer Training Institutes
  • supporting competitive research internships
  • directly funding pilot research
  • developing resources and data to harmonize and accelerate research

Researchers from any discipline who are interested in advancing or building a research portfolio that considers the health care workforce are invited to participate in the AWARD Network. We have a specific interest in research that focuses on direct care workers, as they are the largest component of the health care workforce and play essential roles in meeting the needs of people living with dementia. Research on any health care occupation – from geriatricians to social worker to home care aides – is part of the Network’s mission. We aim to create a strong community of researchers and support new advances in the field.

Network participants will have opportunities to serve on the Leadership Council and other committees of the Network.