Leadership Council

The AWARD Network Leadership Council consists of three people who work with the Leadership Team to guide Network activities.  Each member is appointed for a one-year renewable term. If you’d be interested in serving, please email Joanne Spetz.


Jennifer Craft Morgan, Director of Gerontology Institute & Associate Professor, Georgia State University

Robert Lucero, Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion & Adrienne H. Moseley Endowed Chair, UCLA School of Nursing

Regina Shih, Professor, Emory University

                Jennifer Reckrey, Associate Professor, Icahn School of Medicine

                Huiwen Xu, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch

Webinar Committee

We hold monthly webinars, which include research, education, and networking presentations. Committee members are appointed for one-year renewable terms. If you’d like to serve on this committee, please contact Bianca Frogner.


                 Emily Franzosa, Assistant Professor, Icahn School of Medicine

                 Madeline Sterling, Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

                 Huiwen Xu, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch

                 Jarmin Yeh, Assistant Professor, Institute for Health and Aging, UCSF

                 Shirin Vellani, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

                 Megan Gately, Boston University & New England Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center

                 Jin Jun, The Ohio State University

Planning Committee for 2023 Annual Conference

We held our first AWARD Network conference in conjunction with the 2023 American Geriatrics Society conference in Long Beach. Our next conferences will be in conjunction with the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting in Baltimore, June 2024, and the Gerontological Society of America Conference in Seattle, November 2024. If you would like to serve on the planning committee, please contact Laura Wagner.

Members for the 2023 Planning Committee were:

                 Laura Wagner, UCSF (Chair)

                 Roy Thompson, University of Missouri

                 Regina Shih, Professor, Emory University

                 Katherine Kennedy, Health Fellow, Providence VA Medical Center

                 Sumedha Gupta, Indiana University

                 Sung S. Park, University of Massachusetts, Boston

                 Sherif A Olanrewaju, Penn State University

                 Elham Mahmoudi, University of Michigan


Summer Training Institute Planning Committee, 2023-2024

The AWARD Network will hold a Summer Training Institute in San Francisco in summer 2024.


                 Susan Chapman, UCSF (Chair)

                 Lei Chen, UCSF

                 Jennifer Craft Morgan, Georgia State University

                 Robert Lucero, UCLA

                 Zainab Osakwe, Adelphi University

                 Karen Shen, Johns Hopkins University

                 Laura Wagner, UCSF

Research Fellowship Selection Committee

The AWARD Research Fellowship Program is intended to enable emerging researchers to initiate or work on a collaborative research project with an experienced research mentor. If you are interested in serving on the selection committee, contact Kezia Scales.

                    Kezia Scales, PHI (Chair)

                    Angela Perone, University of California, Berkeley

                    Katherine Wen, Vanderbilt University

                    Frances Hawes, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

                    Taylor B. Rogers, UCSF

Pilot Grant Selection Committee, 2023

The AWARD Network will seek applications for pilot grants for early-stage research on the direct care workforce for people living with dementia in fall 2023.


                 Joanne Spetz, UCSF (Chair)

                 Marie Boltz, Penn State University

                 Hannah James, Brown University

                 Robert Lucero, UCLA

                 Katherine Ornstein, Johns Hopkins University

                 LaTonya Trotter, University of Washington

                 Huiwen Xu, University of Texas Medical Branch